How to Activate SSL Certificate in cPanel

We all know that in today’s day the security of the website has become the most important. In such a situation, if we do not make our e-commerce website SSL Certificate, then the website is not secure. In such a situation, SSL Certificate is very important for our website, so today I will tell you in this post how to activate SSL Certificate in your Razorhost hosting. so I just want to tell you that SSL Certificate is very easy to activate in Razorhost cPanel.

There are a few steps to activate SSL Certificate:

Step 1:- Login cPanel

login your cpanel from Razorhost dashboard without username and password or you can log in from ” ”


Step 2:- Click on Setting Icon

You can see in the image below.


Step 3:- Click on Checkbox


Step 4:- Click on “Run AutoSSL”



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